Our Approach

Our work is underpinned by a set of fundamental principles that we bring to every project.


We build genuine partnerships with our clients, combining mutual expertise and experience to create outstanding results.

We embed ourselves within the client team, sharing accountability for success, helping employees own the change.


Clients acknowledge our commitment to the success of our projects through the engaging way that we work, bringing together our consulting approach and industry experience with a ‘sleeves rolled up’ approach.

The team that sells the project will staff the project.


We work with clients to look beyond the presenting challenges to the heart of the issue, taking a hypothesis driven approach and ensuring that solutions are focused on solving the right problems.

We ensure both our team and the client understand the challenge in the wider context, so that solutions can be embedded throughout the system.


Agile principles are at the core of how we work with clients – experience tells us that working in this way enables us to learn and deliver client benefits more quickly.

We combine rigorous qualitative and quantitative approaches to move at speed, so that together we create new insight and a more profound understanding of what is required.

Creating value

We help our clients create successful value propositions and deliver meaningful transformation by focusing on what creates value for their customers.

We ensure all of our thinking starts from the customer’s perspective, and uncovers what they truly value.

An innovative business model

Organisations that master digital will be more successful. We help clients bridge the gap between traditional approaches and digital culture through our innovative business model.

We have a unique proposition:

We combine an experienced core consulting team with communitiy content experts and partners specialising in Big data, analytics, UX, Design, Branding and Development

We work differently

We work with you, not to you
We help you change the way you change

  • “They do stuff not just talk about it... People focused, results focused, adaptable, prepared to change approach, proactive, thinking ahead...”

    Big 4 Supermarket

    Global IT Director
  • “Egremont brought about enduring changes (in terms of both the business performance changes and the personnel department changes)...”

    Leading Oil Company

  • “Egremont allowed us to buck the trend - make more sales from less customers. They also helped create a massive change in atmosphere and attitude throughout the store staff - the 'ask' not 'tell' style is really paying dividends.”

    Electronics Retailer - Travel Concession

    Operations Manager
  • “Egremont was part of our team; they got stuck in and showed a genuine interest in us being successful...”

    Electronics Retailer