Enabling a UK retailer to embrace digital and support future growth by moving to an agile, responsive culture

The challenge

Our client had an urgent need to become more flexible and agile, and facilitate open, collaborative working.

There was a need to break down the siloed culture between business divisions and wider organisation structure and there was also an increasing reliance on contractors to fill the skills gap that incurred unnecessary cost. To address this, our client wanted to upskill their team and develop digital capabilities but needed to prioritise.

The retailer wanted to be a digital employer of choice for today’s workforce, requiring a comprehensive review of the overall employee value proposition.

Our approach

We broke down our lines of analysis into the four different elements of the HR value chain, reflecting a customer journey style analysis. We ran diagnostics to understand the team’s views on the employee value proposition and challenges around hiring and retention.

Through competitor insights, speaking with external digital talent and collecting ‘best in class’ examples from digital competitors, we were able to identify skills gaps and capability differences across the business.

By introducing Agile Organisation Design principles into the business we equipped the team to remain efficient, flexible and empowered.

We then worked with the client to produce a compelling digital value proposition and roadmap and held a series of workshops to collaborate on the way forward.

The results

We identified key pain points along the hiring process, particularly around duration and content.

We set up the Agile OD approach to test new structures and job roles to improve attractiveness and engagement. The management was aligned to recognise the need to create consistency across the organisation, develop L&D programmes to upskill the team and clarify career progression within digital.

Over the course of the project, the client evolved to become a digital-first organisation.

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