Helping a regional airport plan for future growth

The challenge

Our regional airport client had a Master Plan to 2050 to grow the airport from 8.7m to 20m passengers. Previously the planning had concentrated on the “what” and the client wanted our support in planning the “how”.

In order to deliver the 2050 Master Plan, substantial organisational change was needed to keep pace with a changing proposition and operating model. The change required was unique to the regional airport and heavily influenced by unknown, emerging trends, locally, nationally and globally.

We were commissioned to support our client with a deep-dive review in order to understand how airport teams need to embrace new ways of working, keep abreast of innovation, embrace a new culture, build new capabilities and get comfortable with perpetual change, whilst building a local pool of talent.

Our approach

We ran a workshop on the key mega-trends that would impact the airport to give greater context for planning and to future proof plans as far as possible. We held two half day drop-in sessions to canvas the opinions and ideas for the vision and megatrends from the wider team.

We also held workshops with the exec team to build their vision, guiding principles and future operating model. In addition we held 30 focus interviews with key senior stakeholders and conducted an online survey completed by 120 employees.

We carried out a situational review of the airport’s present-day position including: the proposition and delivery; the organisation structure, resources, activities; skills, capabilities, leadership, culture; ways of working and tech enablement; and their strengths. Alongside this we reviewed strategic choices made by other regional airports.

The results

The client had a greater understanding of what the strategy would mean for the future organisation, where they were in the journey and where they could improve efficiency, effectiveness and cost. With our work concluded the client stood ready to progress to a re-structure, with agreed organisation design principles and organisation blocks.

We facilitated the client through building a transformation map with the strategy and vision mapped out for the next 5 years.

Four mega-trends were identified to be given further attention: mobility; the changing consumer and employee in the UK; delivering better customer experiences; and operational efficiency. We introduced some key capability areas that needed to be represented in the future operating model and provided implications for an organisation redesign based on the review of the operating model. We finalised a document which reviewed the options for early organisation changes.