Our report with CGA reveals momentum brands in out of home food and drink

Alex Doman

With the industry undergoing mass change, are you set up to win? Our report explores those brands best achieving momentum with customers, and how others can achieve it

With the food and drink industry undergoing mass change, are you set up to compete and win? We’ve teamed up with CGA to explore which brands are best achieving momentum in the eyes of customers, and what others can do to achieve it. Across pubs, casual dining, high street bars food-to-go and QSR, those who are achieving best momentum have one thing in common: an easy to understand and simple to deliver proposition. You can download the report here, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Alex Doman, engagement manager at EI | Stone & River comments: “Our momentum index is reflective of an industry in flux, with some sectors experiencing something of a paradigm shift. It points to some key learnings about what it takes to build momentum: having an easy to understand and simple to deliver brand proposition, a focus on creating long term value for the customer and that targeting the older generation can all often be beneficial.

“The index asks a fundamental question for the industry: with the industry experiencing mass change, are you set up to compete and win? To answer this there are five key questions that this index throws up: do you understand why your business exists and why the customer should choose you;, are you set up to understand what the customer needs and to create value long-term for those needs; is your business model fit for purpose given all the change; do you understand your brand’s maturity; and do you think of innovation in a new- age agile way or an old- school waterfall way. Stone & River works with organisations to help them find these answers.”

Alex Doman

Alex is an engagement manager with Stone & River, focusing on strategy, proposition design and innovation for consumer facing organisations.

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