No project is the same. In collaboration with our clients, we draw on our core services to address the organisation’s challenge, fix what is causing it, seize new opportunities and develop sustainable capabilities with the client team.

Customer experience

Customer strategy

We help clients understand their customers to develop tailored customer strategies and develop more mutually valuable relationships with consumers.

Customer value proposition

We work with businesses to develop customer insight-driven propositions which resonate with customers, are personalised to their needs and which differentiate the brand in an increasingly competitive market.

Omnichannel strategy and experience

Digital has transformed the customer experience, and the role of the physical channels has been redefined. We help clients engage with and serve connected consumers within and across each channel.

Business orientation


We work with clients to refresh their vision and strategy to ensure their business continues to thrive in in the face of fast-paced change.

Reducing costs

An operating model design needs to be constantly challenged for cost-effectiveness and efficiency. We use a blend of highly effective approaches - lean, agile and systems-thinking – to design lowest-cost processes.

Agile operations

We use our agile principles, at the core of our approach for the past 20 years, to enable clients to evolve and change at pace.

Organisation development

Organisation design

Organisations are complex and dynamic systems. Our approach to organisation design can flex to all levels of the business, and accounts for the wider system in which a structure sits, from strategy and operating model to performance management and reward.

Culture change

We collaborate closely with clients to create the conditions for a healthier working culture and improved business performance to emerge.

Leadership & people development

The digital age requires a new kind of leadership. We are passionate about developing leaders who can lead with authenticity, courage and confidence in a world of increasing unpredictability and disruption.

Exploiting digital

Digital strategy

We help clients develop business strategies for the digital age: flexible, customer-focused, and mirroring the pace of the external world.

Innovation services

We help clients trial and embed new innovative ways of working to constantly reinvent themselves to win in the digital age

Big data and analytics

We help clients harness the potential of the vast quantities of data available within and outside the organisation to make a step-change in their ability to develop insight-driven strategy and operational decision-making.